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Want to join a fantasy league?

After completing the 3rd year of the Abstract Sports FFL, we've decided to expand our league management to multiple leagues. While we are most experienced with managing FFLs (Fantasy Football Leagues), we are definitely open to running FBLs (Fantasy Basketball Leagues) and FLBs (Fantasy League Baseball). We're still working on the acronyms.

Details will be different from league to league, but here's a timeline and list of things you can expect from our leagues:

  • Live fantasy draft order reveal
  • Schedule fantasy draft
  • Fantasy draft
  • Fantasy league play starts when the IRL season starts
  • Weekly recaps and featured matchups
  • Weekly payouts
  • Access to the Abstract Sports Discord channel (global channel for all Abstract Sports fantasy players, and a private channel for each league)

You will have the opportunity to network within the online community we create while also taking your involvement with fantasy sports to another level.

Send us a message using the form on this page, and we will add you to our Fantasy Sports mailing list. We will send out information as we have more. We hope to meet you in one of our leagues soon!

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