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Wilson in Usual MVP Form After Leading Seahawks To Perfect 5-0 Start

This man has truly lived up to his nickname “DangerRuss” as Russell Wilson has played lights out, leading the Seahawks to their first 5-0 start in franchise history.

Wilson’s recent play has exhibited why he is the early season favorite for MVP. During their Sunday Night Football matchup against the Minnesota Vikings, Wilson led the Seahawks on a spectacular game-winning drive that had fans on the edges of their seat after the Seahawks defense came up with a huge stop after the Vikings opted to go for it on 4th down with 1:57 remaining. The game seemed out of reach at times, especially with the Seahawks facing a 13-0 deficit at halftime, but the Seahawks responded in the 3rd quarter by scoring 21 points to take a 21-19 lead headed into the final period.

Wilson was forced to overcome a bit of adversity as he was sacked 4 times as the Vikings were able to generate pressure and harass him all game. The game appeared to be a done deal when Wilson was intercepted by Vikings LB Eric Wilson with just under 6 minutes left in the game with the Vikings up 26-21, but the Vikings failed to convert and made the fatal mistake of giving Wilson an opportunity to win the game.

We have seen what Wilson can do in the clutch moments. This time was no different as Wilson began the game-winning drive with a 17-yard run up the middle. The next 3 plays resulted in incompletions bringing up a crucial 4th down with the game hanging in the balance. With 1:27 remaining and what seemed like an impossible task, Wilson completed a 39-yard strike to DK Metcalf to keep the drive alive. Switching to no-huddle on the next play, Wilson tried Metcalf again but the pass fell incomplete. On 2nd down Wilson completed another pass to Metcalf, this time for 15 yards as things began to look hopeful for the Seahawks as they inched closer to the end zone. After the completion to Metcalf, Wilson’s next 2 attempts fell incomplete as he struggled to get the ball in the end zone. On 3rd and goal at the Vikings 6-yard line, Wilson delivered a strike right in the hands of Metcalf but he couldn’t hold on to what would have been the game-winning score. As the Vikings began to high five one another and celebrate what seemed like a sure victory knowing that they needed one more stop to secure an upset on the Seahawks home turf in primetime, Wilson did the unbelievable.

The Vikings should have known better not to celebrate prematurely especially with Wilson behind center as he has often shown a flair for the dramatic, not only this season but over the past few seasons as well as he has shown his ability to thrive in these pressure-filled moments. On the ensuing 4th down play with the game to be decided, Wilson dropped back in the shotgun and threw a bullet right into the chest of Metcalf who held on this time as time expired. With that, Wilson completed yet another comeback.

While being consistently productive in the clutch, Wilson continues to elevate his game to another level as this come-from-behind victory was anything short of spectacular. It was Wilson’s 30th career game-winning drive which is the most by any QB since 2012. Wilson is currently 2nd in the NFL with a 72.8 completion percentage, 1st in passing TDs, and is 1st in QBR at 129.8. As Wilson appears to get better each year, it’s hard to fathom that he hasn’t already won an MVP award. He continues to be great and if it wasn’t for him, there is no telling where this Seahawk team would be. If he continues to perform at this elite level, he will leave voters no doubt in considering him for this prestigious honor.


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