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Why the Saints are Still Super Bowl Contenders

dbking [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

After the devastating week of injury to Saints quarterback Drew Brees, many doubters throughout the NFL community believe that the franchise's shot at a second Super Bowl is gone. However, those doubters are slowly, but surely, being silenced by the Saints backup quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater from the University of Louisville.

After being drafted 32nd overall by the Minnesota Vikings, Teddy had some initial success at the quarterback position. Due to a mixture of good play from other QBs and injury, his time with the Vikings came to an end. He went on to sign with the Jets, and then with the New Orleans Saints not long after that.

Ever since the Brees injury, Bridgewater has gone 3-0 and has thrown for over 800 yards, 6 touchdowns, and only 2 interceptions. He seems to be getting better each week.

It has been reported that at the soonest, Brees could be back by Week 9. Leading up to his return, the Saints seem to have a pretty easy schedule which includes matchups with the Cardinals who have yet to win a game and the Falcons who are even more disappointing this year than last.

This wouldn't be the first time we have seen a backup quarterback lead his team to the playoffs. Look at the 2015 Denver Broncos, for example. An aging quarterback, most likely playing his last season, goes down with an injury, leaving it to the young backup to run the show. Brock Osweiler went 5-2 as the starter for the 2015 Broncos, buying them a ticket to the divisional round. Then Peyton Manning returned to help them defeat the Panthers in Superbowl 50 with a final score of 24-10.

Brees and the Saints are loaded with offensive weapons like Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas. So, yes - I still have plenty of faith and confidence that they could get Drew Brees one more ring before its all said and done.


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