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Which NBA Player Can Add to Their Legacy When the NBA Resumes in Orlando?

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Will validate his position as the best basketball player in the world. Become a top 20-15 player of all-time. Finally, bringing the Milwaukee Bucks a championship since 1971.

2. Lebron James

Officially validate his position as the second greatest basketball player to play the game. Ultimately, end the debate that he has not passed Bill Russell, Kareem Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Magic Johnson as far in accolades. Furthermore, stop the comparison to Wilt Chamberlain. Both have identical finals record and hold numerous NBA records. If so, he will become the first NBA player to win a championship with three different teams.

3. Kawhi Leonard

Officially validate his position as the best player in the NBA. Validate him as a champion, unlike last year defeating the hobble Golden State Warriors and winning a Finals MVP as a role player in 2014. Moreover, Leonard will move into the top 5-10 greatest NBA players of all time. If so, he will become the first NBA player to win a championship with three different teams. Winning three titles and final MVP in 9 seasons. Achieving that at a faster rate than James and Kevin Durant. Conclusively, cessation of the Scottie Pippen comparison.

4. James Harden

Will capulet himself into the best player in the world conversation. Become a top 20-15 player of all-time. Becoming the third or fourth most excellent shooting guard ever to play the game. Harden has accomplished almost everything in the NBA. Winning the sixth-man award, NBA MVP, led the league in scoring and assist. Finally, ultimately removing the iconic player status that Allen Iverson and so many have. And destroy the narrative that he's only a great scorer.

5. Russel Westbrook

Similar to his teammate James Harden. Westbrook accomplish incredible accomplishment. Averaging a triple-double for the first since Oscar Robertson and did it for three consecutive seasons. Along with NBA MVP to go with it. An NBA title would elevate Westbrook into a top 5 Point guard of all time. Establish him to become a top 20-15 player of all time. Finally, put an end to the stat padding narrative.

6. Anthony Davis

Will be mention among the most significant power forward to ever play basketball. Potential can be the first or second option on a championship team. Shape the dialogue that he's not winning. Only making the postseason twice in eight seasons. Finally, it will establish him as a top 5 player.

7. Paul George

Will elevate George into a top 5-10 player in the world. He will be a top 10 small forward ever to play basketball. George will have the most excellent comeback story in NBA history.

8. Luka Doncic

Its shocking to see a 20-year-old take the league by storm. An NBA Championship will boost Donic to the three greatest international player to ever play in the NBA, joining Dirk Nowitzki and Hakeem Olajuwon. Moreover, it will put him in the conversation for the best player in the world title. It will be highly impressive for a European player to be the face of the NBA. Finally, he will crack the top 50 greatest NBA players of all time.

9. Joel Embiid

a lot of question are raises about Embiid healthy. But, if Embiid can win a title for the Philadelphia 76ers. It will make him the third greatest sixers to even play in the franchise behind Moses Malone and Julis Irving. Something Allen Iverson fails to do. He will be a top 5 player in the NBA. Finally, Embiid will be one of the most important centers to play in NBA history. Similar to Donic, he will be one of the most exceptional international players to play in the NBA.

10. Jimmy Butler

An NBA title for Jimmy Butler will boost his career to extraordinary heights. Butler will leap from a top 15-20 player to 5-10 players in the league. Finally, he will crack the NBA top 50 greatest players ever to play.

Honorable Mention: Chris Paul, Kyle Lowery, Mike Conely, and Nikola Jokic.


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