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The Not-So-Accurate NFL Predictions for the 2024-2025 Season

Every year when the National Football League releases the official schedules for the forthcoming season, I’ve gone through the entire schedule predicting each game. I’ve completed my picks for 2024 but didn’t tally the results until I completed all 17 weeks of the season. Once I counted the victories of all the teams, I realized the results would not be accurate. Therefore, when you read the win totals for teams below, keep in mind that even I admit this will almost definitely not be the end result.

The one thing that I think will be accurate is knowing which teams will have winning records and those who will be suffering through a long campaign. Unlike in past years where I showed the entire final predictions, this year I’m going to go division by division. I will not be predicting any post-season results, just final wins, and losses projections. I’ll begin with the American Football Conference.

AFC East

  • Buffalo Bills (8-9)
  • Miami Dolphins (8-9)
  • New York Jets (8-9)
  • New England Patriots (4-13)

Right off the bat I’m sure all that are reading this will say no way does this end in a three-way tie with each team having a losing record. I definitely think the Bills will take a step backwards as their ship has sailed for an opportunity to reach the Super Bowl. I haven’t been a believer in the Dolphins for several years and while they looked so good in the regular season last year, they fell down when it came to the playoffs. If Aaron Rodgers stays healthy, I’m sure he will get the Jets to a handful of victories. But if he can’t get through the season, it’s another long year for the Green and White. Then we have the Patriots who will be without Bill Belichick for the first time in an exceptionally long time and they have not improved much from 2023 so it will be another losing season in New England.

AFC North

  • Baltimore Ravens (11-6)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (11-6)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (11-6)
  • Cleveland Browns (4-13)

Another division with a three-way tie only in this division the top three teams having winning records. All three teams have improved, and the Ravens and Bengals already had solid teams but bias aside, the Pittsburgh Steelers had one of the best off-seasons in their history and by expert opinions the best draft of 2024. Still, many experts think this will not be a winning campaign in 2024. But as a diehard Steelers fan who knows this team and how they’ve improved, I’m greatly confident that this team will open eyes. The Browns? Overrated in my opinion and I predict Deshaun Watson will not make it to the end of the season as the starting quarterback.

AFC South

  • Houston Texans (9-8)
  • Indianapolis Colts (9-8)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (8-9)
  • Tennessee Titans (5-12)

The question marks for this division begin with how CJ Stroud will do in his sophomore season. The reigning rookie of the year led his offense into the playoffs last year where they embarrassed the Browns. The Colts have Anthony Richardson returning after coming off a significant injury. The Jaguars disrespected the Terrible Towel last year after beating the Steelers then launched into a long losing streak and never recovered. They won’t be much better this season. For Steelers fans they will be checking box scores throughout the season to see how ex-Steeler Mason Rudolph is doing with the Titans and if he can get playing time over Will Levis. But for now, the division belongs to the Texans and Colts who should battle down to the wire.

AFC West

  • Kansas City Chiefs (14-3)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (12-5)
  • Las Vegas Raiders (6-11)
  • Denver Broncos (6-11)

It’s easy to say there is a dynasty in the NFL right now and that belongs to the Kansas City Chiefs. K.C. wants badly to repeat as Super Bowl champions again and become the only team in history to win three straight Super Bowls. But even after one NFL title, teams have a target on their back. The Chargers should push the Chiefs and with the other Harbaugh at the helm, there should be some improvement. The Raiders have been a mess for years and they will struggle again in 2024 as will the Broncos. But watch for the game with Denver and Pittsburgh as former Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson gets a shot at his old team.

NFC East

  • Dallas Cowboys (14-3)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (12-5)
  • Washington Commanders (5-12)
  • New York Giants (3-14)

Over in this conference for this division, it will be another regular season fight between Dallas and Philadelphia. The question is can the Cowboys win a playoff game? With the Eagles we will find another team where Steelers fans will be watching closely. That’s because their starter from last season is now a backup to Jalen Hurts. That would be Kenny Pickett who by some measures is said to have looked better than the starter in OTAs thus far. As for the New York Giants they continue to believe in Daniel Jones who has yet to really wow anyone. The Commanders are definitely in a rebuilding stage.

NFC North

  • Detroit Lions (10-6)
  • Green Bay Packers (10-6)
  • Chicago Bears (9-8)
  • Minnesota Vikings (8-9)

The Lions were a surprise team from a season ago and then the Packers improved dramatically as the season ended. Both teams are excellent, and it will be a tight race at the top. The Bears with their new first round prize Caleb Williams will try to duplicate the results of CJ Stroud but I expect lesser results, but I think the Bears have improved enough to post a winning record. A team that has never had a franchise quarterback in the modern era is very hungry for a star signal caller. The Vikings without Kirk Cousins will put their offensive fate in the hands of rookie J.J. McCarthy and if he can’t cut it the ball goes to Sam Darnold. Ouch.

NFC South

  • Atlanta Falcons (8-9)
  • New Orleans Saints (8-9)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-10)
  • Carolina Panthers (4-13)

In what is probably the NFL’s worst division, Kirk Cousins, if he stays healthy should get the Falcons to the top with the Saints biting at their heels. It might very well be a losing record that wins the division but while the Bucs played well last season with Baker Mayfield barking the signals, I expect a lesser performance this season. The Panthers were abysmal last season, and I can’t see how they can be much better.

NFC West

  • San Francisco 49ers (16-1)
  • Los Angeles Rams (10-7)
  • Seattle Seahawks (8-9)
  • Arizona Cardinals (5-12)

Can the Niners really go 16-1? Just one loss? I doubt it but that’s how I tallied it. The only loss I saw was an upset in Los Angeles when they play the Rams. Regardless of their final record they will win this division easily. They are an outstanding team. San Francisco is way ahead of the other three teams although the Rams will be an easy pick for second place. Seattle will be competitive but not a winner. The Cardinals are nowhere near the playoffs…yet.

Now all that remains is for training camps to get underway and for the season to begin. This season brings games that are only on Netflix which is ridiculous. Then there are the overseas games again but with an amazing draft for many teams, there will be plenty of fresh faces to keep eyes on. Then there are major players who changed teams like Kirk Cousins and Patrick Queen moving from Baltimore to Pittsburgh. Will these wins and losses I predicted stand up? Most likely not. Will those who come out with winning records post marks above .500? Probably. Take these predictions with a grain of salt but prepare for what should be a very entertaining season.


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Harv Aronson

Harv Aronson was born and raised in Pittsburgh but now lives in Florida with his beautiful wife Melissa.

Harv currently writes for Abstract Sports, the Sports History Network, Yinzer Crazy website, and the magazine Gridiron Greats. Harv wrote the published book "Pro Football's Most Passionate Fans" and as a professional writer has had articles published in an array of sports publications.

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