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NFL Player Presidential Candidates

Tom Brady

Tom Brady might be the most hated man in the league. Is it his success, his model wife or his hair? Whatever the reasoning might be, unless you live in New England, this man is your sworn enemy.

Brady is a sworn enemy to the NFL, at least in many fan’s minds. He began the season off the field following a four-game suspension for allegedly deflating footballs or destroying his phone or something like that. No matter the reason, Brady is looking for a big victory in 2017.

Brady is looking to ‘drain the swamp” and make the NFL great again and to do that, he must win Super Bowl LI.

Cam Newton

As the reigning MVP and leader of a favorite to win the Super Bowl heading into the season, Cam Newton was on top of the world. When you are the favorite to win, your flaws are bound to be exposed.

All season, Newton was hit harder than most quarterbacks, and he took his concerns to the league. Though no one knows whether a hack of the Carolina Panthers playbook caused the excessive hits, it has not been ruled out.

Fashion-Gate might be what ended the Panthers chances, and it might be Newton’s biggest mistake of the season. Newton went tie-less on a team bus and was subsequently benched for a drive by Ron Rivera for breaking team rules. The Panthers went on to lose that game.

Newton’s platform includes stricter rules against head-to-head contact, looser rules on required articles of clothing and resigning franchise cornerbacks.


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