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NFL Mock Draft 2020: Top 10 Picks

1. Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow

This seems to be the most obvious pick in the last five years, Joe Burrow has been exposing teams defense all season and he doesn’t plan on stopping when he makes it to the NFL. With AJ green most likely being WR1 for him he will have the opportunity to show off most likely starting week one.

College stats: 2,894 passing yards 16 TDs and 5 interceptions

2. Washington Redskins

Chase Young
DE / Ohio State

Most likely the best overall player in the draft he wrecked double and even triple teams at Ohio State all season long, the Redskins have a chance to get a one in a lifetime defensive player to lead the defensive. I doubt the Redskins take a QB this draft because of Dwayne Haskins.

College stats: 32 solo tackles, 16.5 sacks, 6 FF (got suspended two games)

3. Detroit Lions

Derrick Brown
DT / Auburn

The Lions pass rush last season was mediocre, to say the least. I can also see them taking CB Jeff Okudah. They need pass rush more than CBs especially if Slay comes back. Derrick Brown was one of the most fun DT’s to watch at Auburn and I think he will be just like that in the NFL.

College stats: 33 solo tackles, 4 sacks, 2 FF

4. New York Giants

Jedrick Wills
OT / Alabama

This was one of many difficult decisions I had to make, the Giants needed to fix that O line and it came down to Mekhi Becton and Jedrick Wills. I decided to say Jedrick Wills because the defensives he had to block seemed to be much more difficult then Mekhi Becton who went to Louisville.

5. Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa
QB / Alabama

One of the biggest question marks of the draft, I think if he does the combine and does good I can see the Dolphins trading up to get him. I also think if he is not able to do the combine due to injury Justin Herbert from Oregon may be drafted instead. This will be an interesting draft story to see develop.

College stats: 2,840 yards, 33 TDs, 3 int (only played nine games because of injury)

6. LA Chargers

Justin Herbert
QB / Oregon

As I said above I can easily see the Dolphins taking Herbert instead of Tua but until the combine I think it’s safe to say Tua will be picked before Herbert. I think the Chargers taking a QB is a safe bet because of Phillip Rivers leaving LA.

College stats: 3,471 yards, 32 TDs, 6 int

7. Carolina Panthers

Jeff Okudah
CB / Ohio State

The Panthers need to select the best available player and if Okudah drops down to them they need to take him immediately and not look back. Okudah was an explosive playmaker for Ohio State at the CB position and will be an amazing NFL CB.

College stats: 29 solo tackles, 2 FF, 3 int, 9 PD

8. Arizona Cardinals

Javon Kinlaw
DT / South Carolina

Cardinals are in need of either a DT or a LB and I think they will just take the best one available and that is Kinlaw.

College stats: 15 solo tackles, 6 sacks

9. Jacksonville Jaguars

Isaiah Simmons
LB / Clemson

With all the QBs off the board I think the Jags will keep on building that amazing defensive they already have, he was amazing at Clemson and was often overlooked because of other people on the team like Trevor Lawerence but he was a leader of that defense.

College stats: 67 solo tackles, 7 sacks, 1 FF, 3 INTs

10. Cleveland Browns

Mekhi Becton
OT / Louisville

After a disappointing campaign this season I think the Browns will try to protect there new QB Baker Mayfield. I watched Becton play a lot of games and I think as I said above he can easily be chosen number 4 overall and Wills be picked here but for now I have him dropping to 10.


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