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My Kind of Motivation Monday: The Outsiders

It has been a while since I've talked about the blogs surrounding Abstract Sports. These blogs all have their own take on their favorite sports, and they're doing some pretty cool things that should be noted.

Not quite two weeks ago we welcomed a new contributor to our blog; his name is Mark Thomas. You can see his contributions to Abstract Sports here, but he also is making a name for himself on his own blog, DreamTeam Sports. Besides the fact he's a huge Miami Dolphins fan, I can see his passion for sports in the amount of blogging he's done in his first few weeks in "the business." In his latest post titled "Pro Bowl Skills Challenge: We Want More" he talks about the new event. I agree with him when he says "keep it coming, NFL. We want more fun and less fines." The NFL did go crazy with the fines this season. On that note, I say to Mark: keep the good content coming, brother. Welcome to the team.

In Israel Saranga's latest post, he talks about the importance of sport to keep you active. He's on point when he says that staying active keeps you focused—for me, shooting hoops for a couple hours is the best meditation. He also gives some general life advice to help keep your head up and staying positive.

The AZ Sports Guru questioned the existence of the NFL Pro Bowl in their latest post "Why Nobody Watches the Pro Bowl". I'll admit I didn't watch it. I probably should have. The Pro Bowl has struggled to get viewers, so maybe next year I'll watch just so I can give a review of the production, and maybe come up with some cool ways to make it better. I definitely agree with a lot of The AZ Sports Guru's points, so go check it out.

Lastly, let's catch up with our good friends at Dapper Sports. The "Dapper" half of their blog has made a dip into The Bachelor fantasy league play. To be honest, I didn't know The Bachelor had a fantasy league; then again, I shouldn't be surprised, because there are fantasy leagues for EVERYTHING these days. Dapper Sports provides cheat sheets for the fantasy league if you're in need of some help in that area. Anyway, while these guys have been extremely successful in their writing about The Bachelor, their recent post about sports is fire, too. Although I didn't have Rudy Gobert as a starter pick for the NBA All-Star Game, they make a solid argument that he was one of the bigger snubs this year. In "Four Reasons Rudy Gobert Should Have Been an NBA All-Star," they talk about how much of a monster Rudy is on defense. Along with that, some circumstances with the Utah Jazz prevent Gobert from being framed in the All-Star light. You'll have to go read their article to know what I mean.

That's it for my first #MotivationMonday edition of The Outsiders. If you take a glance at the featured image at the top of this article, you'll notice that I still have four slots available for blogs to be featured in The Outsiders. That's right, I'm willing to feature up to EIGHT other blogs a week. That's a lot of work for me, but it's also a source of inspiration for this blog; therefore, I'd be much obliged to give out some shouts. If you know blogs that would like to be featured in The Outsiders, have them reach out to us on Twitter @AbstractSports, or get in touch via email.


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