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Dimez Says Team Chemistry is the Main Factor in Getting to the NBA 2K League Championship

If you've never seen a Team Coco stream, you're missing out on some goofy entertainment. The host, Aaron Bleyaert, is known for his Clueless Gamer segments with Conan O'Brien. Today he did a stream with Dimez of Mavs Gaming, the #1 overall pick in the inaugural season of the NBA 2K League.

In the stream today we learned that Dimez prefers crunchy Cheetos to the puffy kind, but he's truly a Nacho Cheese Doritos guy at heart. He also talked about the guys he's most looking forward to playing against this year, mentioning "oFAB" from Celtics Crossover Gaming and "Yeah I Compete" from Utah Jazz Gaming. According to him, these guys are like rivals as they were his biggest competition in becoming the #1 pick in the draft.

When I asked what would be the biggest challenge in getting to the NBA 2K League championship he said, "just being ourselves, getting to know each other and building team chemistry. Go out there and play, and not cracking under pressure."

If this calm and collected, yet confident interview with Team Coco says anything about Dimez' performance on the sticks, he just might carry his team all the way to the first ever NBA 2K League championship.

He did give some advice for aspiring professional NBA 2K players. He said to just "go out there and showcase your skills the best you can. Play your game. Don't get rattled. Prepare for the worst, and do the best you can." His answer might seem cliche, but when virtually anybody can become a professional gamer in the NBA 2K League by putting in countless hours to perfect the craft, his advice gets to the core of what it takes to be the best at what you do. You've just got to practice.


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