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Mark Thomas


Hello, my name is Mark Thomas. I am 23 years old living in St. Petersburg, FL. I was born and raised in this beautiful state. I played baseball for 16 years of my life. I was a pitcher/second baseman. I am a diehard sports fan mostly loving the Miami Dolphins. Currently I am a server at Longhorn Steakhouse. I never knew I would enjoy writing until after I came home from the Dolphins-Steelers wild card game, right after we lost. I met a sports blogger in Pittsburgh and he made me think of writing for myself. I remember thinking, “wow, I can do this on my spare time and reach out to a community who loves sports just as much as I do!” Sports are an incredible platform to reach a pinnacle of greatness on and off the field. So many great athletes have been an inspiration to me including Jackie Robinson, Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Jarvis Landry, Dwyane Wade, Nate Burleson, Deion Sanders, Barry Sanders. I am excited to start my writing career and I look forward to writing about sports in the future.

Check out what I've been up to on my own blog, DreamTeam Sports.