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ZDS Can't Be Contained as the 76ers GC Fly Past Bucks Gaming

Photo courtesy of @NBA2KLeague on Twitter.

Bucks Gaming couldn't seem to stick to ZDS, allowing him to hit 6/8 from beyond the arch, one of which from the hash. In his interview after the game, he simply said: "that one was green." He put up 27 points in the first regular season game of the NBA 2K League, and more importantly helping 76ers GC get the 80-71 win over Bucks Gaming.

According to the 2K analysts during the broadcast, ZDS might be the steal of the draft. He was drafted in the 6th round despite having one of the best efficiency and usage in the NBA 2K League combine prior to the draft.

After the game, ZDS said that getting drafted late helped motivate him to want to grind harder so he can get better to show up all the other teams that passed him up.


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