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The Daniel Jones Dilemma

There is a growing concern for the New York Giants. This season starting with a winless 0-5 record is embarrassing. Especially after losing to the Dallas Cowboys late in the fourth quarter after two back-to-back monster gains, the Giants gave up in the air to Michael Gallup. Setting up the game-winning field goal for Dallas to notch over the G-Men in a 34-37 victory in Arlington. The Cowboys still won, despite losing their starting Quarterback Dak Prescott to a gruesome injury in the third quarter. This was the game to win for New York but failed to snap the winless streak. Remaining as one of three teams to be without a win this far into the season.

The failure of the Giants has raised speculation that Daniel Jones is not the right man for the job. Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett has seen little success with this Giants' offense alongside Jones. The Giants’ offense after five games is ranked the second-worst in the league at the 31st spot. Scoring only five touchdowns all season on offense so far this season. In the air Jones has struggled, a slow start. Jones has not thrown a touchdown pass since week one against Pittsburgh. Disappointing as Jones was expected to make that “second season jump” we have been accustomed to seeing Quarterbacks perform in recent years. Injuries on the offensive side of the ball have not helped the Giants’ case. Losses in weapons such as Saquon Barkley and Sterling Shepard definitely impacts on a young Quarterback like Jones. Pushing through adversity is expected from Giants’ fans, though, as Jones showed his grit in a comeback victory in his first start against Tampa Bay.

The biggest fault in Daniel Jones’ game is the turnovers, even in year two. In 17 career starts for New York, Jones has given the ball away 31 times! Already this season, Jones has three fumbles lost and five interceptions. One of those fumbles was crucial, as the Cowboys scooped up his fumble, returning it for a touchdown. If Jones holds onto the ball on that one play, New York wins against Dallas. There would be no game-winning field goal and no winless start for the Giants. Jones has got to protect the ball better to win ball games. The Giants have a poor offensive line, but they are still trying to gain help for Jones. Signing Devonta Freeman in the backfield and shifting pieces around to suit the offense best. They want to win games is there for the Giants, it is just still yet to happen.

The pressure is there for Daniel Jones again, especially in replacing a legend in Eli Manning in New York who will draw comparisons throughout his entire career. That is going to happen, a successor of a franchise great is expected to do all they did and more. Now there are rumors stirring around about tanking for Clemson Quarterback, Trevor Lawrence. In which, I do not see happening with the Giants. I do not believe the Giants want to start all over again with another rookie Quarterback, especially because Jones had an entire year to share with Manning. But that does not mean Jones’ job is locked for the next several years. The New York Jets’ third-year Quarterback Sam Darnold is on the hot seat this season. Because teams want to win, Jones has to prove himself as a winner, a leader, and a growing Quarterback. So far this season Jones has proven little of that at all, but he has time to turn it around for sure.

Cutting down on the turnovers is a must for Daniel Jones. Winning winnable games is a must for Daniel Jones. Capitalizing on great opportunities is a must for Daniel Jones. Joe Judge is trying to find his footing in a struggling Giants’ team. Which is facing another rebuilding season, that seems like it's been dragging on since 2012. There is potential for this young Giants’ team, only time will tell what they will do with that potential. This team has to establish its identity as a team going forward. Another season of growing pains should only help Jones and company in the long run.


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