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Rohit, "The Test Opener" Should Have Been Recognized a Long Time Ago

Bahnfrend [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Most people will see India's 1st test win against South Africa at Vizag as any regular home win. But it goes far deeper than that. It was also an indication of things to come in the future of Indian test cricket.

The phenomenon of Rohit Sharma opening in tests is a very intriguing one. He once again proved, that he is the greatest opening batsman of this generation and he is quickly climbing the ranks in the all-time list of that category as well.

This move made by the Indian team management, was necessary, sensible and frankly, a long time coming. It was a crime to not give a batsman of Rohit's caliber, the opportunity he needed and deserved, at the top of the order.

India could've done a lot better in South Africa and England, had Rohit been there at the top. India was practically batting without its openers which ultimately cost India both those series.

Nevertheless, now that the World Test Championship has started. A tough road lies ahead for India if they are to win this and I get the feeling that Rohit is one of the most important pieces in solving this puzzle. It is the perfect time for him to fire and lead the charge for India in this event.


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