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PREVIEW: Golden State Warriors Take On the Jazz in Salt Lake City

This game may not seem like it has much significance, but it does to me… BECAUSE I’M GOING TO IT! I’m extremely excited to get the opportunity to see one of the most anticipated, hated, and skilled teams in NBA history.

The Golden State Warriors will be coming off a three-game win streak. After losing to the Houston Rockets December 1st in double overtime (132 - 127), they went on to beat the Phoenix Suns (138 - 109), Indiana Pacers (142 - 106 with Klay Thompson’s 60 point performance), and the Los Angeles Clippers yesterday (115 - 98).

The Utah Jazz are also coming off a three-game win streak as well. They beat the Nuggets, Lakers, and Suns recently. The Warriors might be more of a challenge, hence the crazy numbers you see in the paragraph above.

Since I live in Southeastern Idaho, the two and a half hour drive to Salt Lake City makes it easy to make games over the weekend with a little help of a half (or full) day off work on a Friday. In this case, I’m taking a Thursday and Friday off. I’m a Lakers fan, so I always try to catch a Lakers game when they’re in town. However, my friends overruled my request this year as the much anticipated Golden State Warriors are coming to town. So, since I didn’t allocate my money to the game against the Lakers on January 26th in Salt Lake, we could afford the extra day off to watch one of the (potentially) best teams ever assembled in NBA history.

I’m not going to lie, Klay Thompson is one of my favorite players in the NBA right now, and that’s NOT just because he scored 60 points the other night, or because he scored 37 points in a quarter last year. I think I relate to him because he’s kind of a quiet guy who speaks his mind when he feels it’s right. I know how much he respects Kobe Bryant for the work he did to achieve his successes. Klay Thompson is a hard-working guy and I can’t help but respect him for that.

Anyway, with the given numbers and my slight favoring of the Warriors, I wouldn’t mind seeing another record broken while I’m at the game. Then again, I hope it’s a close game because those are the best to watch in my opinion. There will be plenty of pictures to come, so expect a fun recap of the game Saturday.

See you then!


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