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NFL Week 6 Short Takes

Better late than never I say for some quick thoughts on the week that was in the NFL, week number six to be exact, a slate of games that saw a losing record for yours truly, six games up, seven games down.

Denver Broncos / 18 New England Patriots 12: How many Patriot haters are enjoying the New England season thus far? Division title after division title every year and now Bill Belichick’s team has a losing record and what appears to be a long road ahead with Cam Newton behind center. The Broncos on the other hand have a brighter future with Drew Lock calling signals.

Atlanta Falcons / 40 Minnesota Vikings 23: Just when you thought the Falcons are awful the Vikings appear to be in just as bad shape. Another coaching change on the horizon?

Baltimore Ravens / 30 Philadelphia Eagles 28: Close but no cigar for the Eagles. They would come back with a victory however last Thursday night to take first place in their division despite posting a losing record. The Ravens are setting up nicely for an awesome showdown with the unbeaten Steelers in week eight in Baltimore.

Chicago Bears 23 / Carolina Panthers 16: The Bears just keep on winning...but for how long? The Panthers keep staying competitive.

Indianapolis Colts / 31 Cincinnati 27: Joe Burrow continues to impress. He’s absolutely on the right path to start his NFL career. Will this be the only and only season in Indianapolis for Philip Rivers?

Pittsburgh Steelers 38 / Cleveland Browns 7: Will the Browns ever get it right? It seems highly unlikely. Two games this season against two of the AFC’s best teams (Pittsburgh and Baltimore) and both times they get severely spanked. The Steelers seem to have regrouped behind the return of Big Ben and are one of the four teams to beat in the AFC (Kansas City, Baltimore, Tennessee, and Pittsburgh).

Detroit Lions 34 / Jacksonville Jaguars 16: I heard on the radio here in Jacksonville the other day a fan calling into a local sports show to say that tickets were available and this as the Jaguars are only selling 25% of capacity. He thought it was shameful that tickets were available and where is the demand for such a few amount of tickets. That’s been the story for years in Jacksonville, bad teams, and thus no interest in watching an awful team. 2020 is no exception. The lions take advantage of playing a weak team.

Tennessee Titans 42 / Houston Texans 36: In overtime, the Titans squeeze by with a victory to remain just one of three teams without a loss in the 2020 season. This is a year the Texans will want to forget about.

New York Giants 20 / Washington Football Team 19: The worst division in football hands down. Neither team is going anywhere near the postseason this year.

Miami Dolphins 24 / New York Jets 0: WOW. The Jets are ridiculously bad. More intriguing however is why the Dolphins coaching staff decided to yank Ryan Fitzpatrick out of his starting quarterback role and allow rookie Tua Tagovailoa to take over? This should be an interesting ride. Fitzpatrick was playing outstanding football so the only thing that makes sense from Miami is they wanted the future in place now.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 38 / Green Bay Packers 10: So much for the NFC Game of the Week. This was more like “NFC Embarrassment of the Week.” Aaron Rodgers took the clubbing like a man and said something to the effect that a beat down like this sometimes serves as a wake-up call.

San Francisco 49ers / 24 Los Angeles Rams 16: You would think some of the Niners were looking past this game even if just a little bit to the matchup San Francisco has in its next game in New England. There it will be the return of Jimmy Garafalo to his old team the one that didn’t want him. With the win, the three teams chasing Seattle in the NFC West are now just a game behind the Seahawks except for the 49ers who are 3-3 behind Seattle’s perfect 5-0 record.

Kansas City Chiefs 26 / Buffalo Bills 17: A double-header Monday saw the Kansas City Chiefs get back to winning and the Buffalo Bills falling further back to Earth. The Bills continue to lead their division keeping the perennial Patriots at bay, but what began as a throttling start to the season has now been reduced to a quieter idle for Buffalo.

Arizona Cardinals 38 / Dallas Cowboys 10: In game two of the Monday twin bill, the Cardinals added to the Cowboys’ disappointing season with Dallas putting up just two victories in six games but they remain in first place. Kyler Murray had an awful night passing but did manage to run for 7.4 yards per rush on the ground. He also rushed for a touchdown.


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Harv Aronson was born and raised in Pittsburgh but now lives in Florida with his beautiful wife Melissa.

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