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Family and Fantasy Football

With just one week till our scheduled draft in a fairly new league, we were one player short. With no one else to ask, I turned to the individual who had rejected my Fantasy Football invitations for years. My mother.

Even without a new league, I could still get my fix of Fantasy Football. In fact, some people might say I’m addicted to Fantasy Football. As an active participant in seven leagues, sometimes even I think I play too much.

Over the years, I have played in several leagues, but there are a few in which I have consistently participated year after year. There is the league I have played in since high school, and then there is the league with friends from college, but my most intense league is also the newest. My family league.

My family league is a mix of my whole family:

  • Me
  • My wife
  • My father
  • My brother
  • Another brother
  • A brother-in-law
  • An uncle
  • An uncle-in-law
  • An aunt-in-law
  • And my mother

Our Fantasy Football experience varies, and some league member’s commitment to their team wavers week to week.

With minimal interest to begin with, I did not have high expectations for my mother’s Fantasy Football team; however; week after week, she continues to prove me wrong. Through 12 weeks, my mother’s team is 8-4, and win or lose in Week 13, she will be the number two seed going into the playoffs.

As the season comes to an end, the competitive members of our family will strive to be the league champions. Though only one of us will win, the memories we had as a family will last forever, and who knows, our league might last forever too!


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I am a sports enthusiast living in Idaho. I graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a degree in communication in 2015, and I have been writing professionally for several years. My written work has been published by several prominent outlets, including Deseret News and Sports Illustrated.

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