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Exploring Growth and Success of Soccer in the United States

In 1996, Major League Soccer (MLS) started with only ten teams. Today, there are 26 teams with even more coming in the future. Soccer is relatively new to the United States compared to other sports and it provides a unique, spectacular experience that is beginning to grab a bigger audience. The recent growth in viewers can be credited to increased advertising, stunning atmospheres at stadiums, and each team has players from around the globe.

To start off, advertising for MLS is much better than it was in the past. With the majority of games being played on Sunday, it is hard to compete with football. The past few years, ESPN and Fox Sports have been running ads for MLS a month before the season even starts to try and attract a new audience. One big advantage of watching soccer is that there is only one break in the action for ads at halftime and the rest is action-packed. This is very different from most other sports and a big reason why so many people are starting to watch soccer across the United States.

Soccer stadiums are so breathtaking due to their unique designs and special atmosphere. They might not be as big as football or baseball stadiums, but there is nowhere else where everyone will unite in song or hold up banners to mock the opposing team. Soccer fans are easily the most devoted fans in the world. Each team usually has a spot dedicated to the best fans behind the goal where they bang drums, lead cheers, and support their favorite players. The rest of the crowd is filled with people from different backgrounds and areas joining to watch the beautiful game.

Players, they are what makes the game so entertaining. In the MLS each team has players from all around the world. The recent addition of international stars like David Villa, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Wayne Rooney, is what has really got so many fans on board. Who wouldn’t want to see some of the world’s best players without having to travel all the way to Europe? With these stars coming over, they spread the word to other great players who will eventually join the MLS. In the next few years, the quality of players will continue to rise therefore making the game more fun to watch.

In conclusion, the MLS has risen to recent heights due to the unique experience it provides. No other sport compares in terms of the outstanding stadium atmosphere or diversity of players from around the globe. Soccer has grown from relatively nothing in the United States and the sky's the limit with this league.


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