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Beginner Tips for Ice Skating: Things You Need to Keep in Mind

Ice skating is an adventurous type of sport. The feeling of the cold air brushing past your face is a feeling worth remembering. Sliding on ice using skates having steel blades can be both exhilarating and fun.

Nonetheless, it is not as easy as it looks. You need to practice a few sessions to enjoy this activity fully. Further, you should have the right gear to prevent any injury.

Here are some practical tips to help you get started with ice skating:

1. Dress properly

The most vital factor that many people ignore is the need to wear comfortable and casual clothes. You need to dress correctly to finish the glide on the ice rink. No particular clothing is suggested—your comfort matters the most.

However, comfy trousers and a festive jumper would be best. Make sure you bring a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm and socks to protect your feet from blisters.

2. Find the perfect pair of ice skates

Are you a total beginner? Then you can rent the ice skates from the skating center. However, it’s vital to get the ones with your right fit. An incorrect gear will prevent you from making the correct balance while doing the skating activity. You can also buy a pair of skates if you like to get the best fit.

Don’t forget to tie your skates accordingly. The proper fit would be of no use if you tied them incorrectly. Ensure they’re not too tight as well, as it can lead your feet to go numb. Meanwhile, a loose fit will not offer the proper support to your feet.

3. Get some lessons

It will help if you take some skating lessons first, especially if you like to learn and master the basics. Doing so will also lower your risk of injury while doing the activity.

4. Don’t look down while skating

Many beginners spend their time looking at their feet while skating. Nonetheless, it is not the proper practice during the sport. Professionals suggest keeping your head up and concentrating on the direction you’re going.

It will help you prevent any accidents with other people. Always watch in front of you instead of your feet.

5. Always follow the rules

All skating rinks have specific rules that have been developed to prevent any accidents. Ensure you follow them while on the rink. Always look for the display or posters of rules to carefully understand them before you step into the ice.

6. Learn skating at your pace

No magic can be expected out of your first ice skating session. You’ll need to take your time to understand the proper positions and steps. Short marching steps by the rink’s boundary will help you achieve the much-needed balance.

Further, the first few laps must be done by holding onto the barrier. Continue doing that until you’re fully confident to glide freely.

Are you ready to practice skating? Consider the tips above, so you get the best skating experience.


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