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3 Talking Points: Off the Pitch for Arsenal

Well, another matchday ends and another set of points dropped by Arsenal but this time it's at home after taking a 2-0 lead against a Crystal Palace side who are having their fair share of struggles on the road. While, in a nutshell, we have squandered the opportunity to reduce the gap with the top-4 sides and have let Man Utd reduce the gap to three points but that’s not all, the root of the problem is much deeper and goes straight to the dressing room.

Here are the instances during and post the Crystal Palace game which point towards a different set of problems than the ones on the pitch for Arsenal:

1. The Mesut Ozil Situation

The one thing, Arsenal fans are absolute best is at voicing their opinion. If they don’t like what they see, the Club hierarchy, the manager and the players will be made aware of that. As is the present Mesut Ozil situation which the fans are unwilling to accept and the same was evident during the Palace game when the Gunners faithful sang the Mesut Ozil Chant while the players on the pitch were struggling to score a winner.

Preferred Club reaction: The management needs to give an official detailed statement on Mesut. The fans need to know the truth otherwise this divide between the fans and the manager is getting deeper every single day.

2. Oh, Granit Xhaka

One thing a player should never do at any football club is mock the fans and then disrespect the armband, especially when you are the skipper. To walk off the pitch when the time is running out for your team to score a winner and then telling the fans to f**k off is wrong/unacceptable on so many levels.

Preferred Club reaction: Sold in January itself.

3. Laca… Likes a Hate Post

Moments after the 2-2 draw Laca liked a fan post showering hatred towards Granit (Club captain) and asking for Emery out. Well, Laca has un-liked the post now but sure as hell the Arsenal fans got the message.

Preferred Club reaction: No reaction required.


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